Dragonball Absalon, A Fan Based Dragon Ball Series

It has been some time since a proper Dragon Ball franchise fulfilled the needs of the fans, so in this instance the fans themselves attempt to create their own sequel to Dragon Ball Z disregarding Dragon Ball GTDragon Ball Absalon is a fan based online series based on the world of Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. The entire franchise exploded over in the west creating interest in anime we know today, and holds a very special place in many people’s hearts. Some of the more recent iterations of the Dragon Ball name have been handled incorrectly, eg. Dragonball Evolution *shivers*, and with the upcoming Dragonball Z movie in 2013, fans would have to wait before they get some real DBZ action. Fortunately, Dragonball Absalon has released its first episode. Dragonball Absalon is a completely fan created series with no visual or audio assets from the DBZ franchise. While the characters are used, they have been redesigned into their own re-imagining. The plot itself is completely original. The first episode is indeed up, and looks rather interesting. The production of the episode is very well done, the movement is fluid, the soundtrack is great and the character designs are unique and bring out their own art style.

 It is set after the events of DBZ, where Goku has left the earth to the other Z warriors to protect it. The fan series has a large cast, with primarily being created, written and animated by Melvin E.Dompig (Mellavelli).