FFXIV Miqote Costume for Lightning In Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII

FFXIV Miqo’te Costume for Lightning In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

With the recent release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, a new campaign has launched in collaboration between the MMORPG and the upcoming game Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The campaign will add new content in between each game, and for Lightning Returns it is a new costume that resembles the Miqo’te race from FFXIV.

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Miqote pic 1

As part of the new Final Fantasy Go There campaign new content has been announced for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. A new costume for the main character of the game, Lightning, that resembles the Miqo’te race from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be in the game. The new costume will provide a new shield ability, victory pose and sound effects when the costume is worn.

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In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, players can obtain a costume that resembles Lightning and Snow from Final Fantasy XIII, and can partake a battle with Lightning in a special mission. The Go Three campaign also includes Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, and other Final Fantasy games will soon join the campaign. What cross content will be available for the games, or which games will be included has not been revealed yet.

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Square Enix has also released four new screenshots of Lightning Returns: FInal Fantasy XIII. One of which features a new Moogle costume for Lightning.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII is the third and final game in the Final Fantasy XIII series that is part of Fabula Nova Crystallis. The game will serve as the end of the XIII series and Lightning’s story, tying up the mythologies and premise of the series. The game takes place 500 years after the real ending of Final Fantasy XIII-2 where the death of the goddess Etro releases Chaos, merges the realms into one called Nova Chrysalia. With only 13 days till the end of the world, Lightning awakes from her crystallization and is chosen to be the messiah to bring about a new world.

The combat has also been reworked and is now more action oriented. Still having the basics of the ATB system, Lightning can now move freely in battle and have to perfectly time a block, dodge or counter. One major feature is the ability to customise Lightning by acquiring and purchasing different outfits, such as the Miqo’te and Moogle costumes seen above. The costumes are not just cosmetic items as each will provide unique abilities, skills and poses.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set to release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 21st this year in Japan, on February 11th 2014 in North America and February 13th in European territories.

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