Ishida to Asakura Episode 2 Review

Ishida to Asakura Episode 1 Review Cover

Title: Ishida to Asakura, 石田とあさくら
Producers: DAX Production, Hotline
Genres: Comedy, School, Seinen
Duration: 2 min. per episode

Anime adaptation of the surreal gag manga about two high school boys, Ishida and Asakura.





Fansubs watched: Crunchyroll

30 seconds of the anime is reused footage from the first episode, that’s about half the episode!! Half the episode is reused footage, and I thought Naurto had suffering flashbacks. Anyways, the second half of the episode focuses on Asakura as he fails a test and will be held back if he doesn’t pass, stopping Ishida’s dream of opening a flower shop with him. The rest is a montage of Asakura being trained by Ishida in rigorous activities but Asakura eventually fails. There is a running gag throughout the episode about boobs, and the weird training that Asakura undergoes is only mildly entertaining.

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I mean seriously, the episodes are only 2 minutes long with a third of it being the opening, and the first 30 seconds is just reused footage and humor, they are seriously not trying. The second half of the episode has some really weird things going on, but seems more stable than the first episode. The boob gag, joke, or whatever you call it isn’t really smart nor funny. While it is more consistent than the first episode, the randomness of the first episode was more enjoyable than this one.

It seems that the show is getting worse and worse, and the gags and jokes are either non-existent, requires some super high intellect or super low stupidity to understand them or maybe both. The show just seems so, so bad so far. This is not a good show thus far, even if it is a few minutes.