Ishida to Asakura Episode 3 Review

Ishida to Asakura Episode 1 Review Cover

Title: Ishida to Asakura, 石田とあさくら
Producers: DAX Production, Hotline
Genres: Comedy, School, Seinen
Duration: 2 min. per episode

Anime adaptation of the surreal gag manga about two high school boys, Ishida and Asakura.





Fansubs watched: Crunchyroll

After a disappointing second episode the third episode of Ishida to Asakura is HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. I do apologise for my language there – since I don’t use profanity in my reviews- but this episode is one of the weirdest, crazy episodes that is somehow profound and kicks Ai Mai Mi’s ass out of the water. Now to try and review what happened, after I pick up my eyes and jaw. We begin this fine episode with Ishida and Asakura alone in the classroom talking to each other-which uses the exact animation as previous episodes with different dialogue. Asakura asks Ishida for a request, that when he was busy captivated by the teacher’s boobs last episode (yay continuity) that he forgot something important, the most important thing in the world, to take a piss. He requests that Ishida to stand next to him in the urinal, but Ishida has different plans, to take a dump. And during that, cue the lovely flowers, bubbles background and overall pink manly colours as he said that. Asakura makes it to the bathroom when the teacher, Kinoshita, walks in. She goes to the urinal next to Asakura, instead of the other thousands and thousands of free urinals, and lifts up her shirt… Asakura ask her if she knew it was the men’s bathroom. She replies with a face of relief and a shake of her trunk. WAIT, WHAT? Her trunk? That’s right, the trunk of an elephant… well it’s a metaphor for her junk. Yep, she’s a trap. “Oh my” she says, oh my indeed. “Pretty” she says as she is touching what looks like her trunk.

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Then Asian Millhouse with super long buckteeth appears and request Asakura to stand next to him when he is peeing, with Ishida slamming his stall’s door on him, cockblocking Millhouse and probably killing him. Kinoshita then proceeds to show Ishida her trunk, in which Ishida replies that it is a trunk. She wants to use the toilet stall when Ishida is done, rather than using the possible millions and millions of other stalls. Then Kinoshita is on the toilet, giving a thumbs up. Next Kinoshita returns home to her sister, where she replies- wait for it, it is the world and history’s twist, something more shocking that Darth Vader being Luke’s father, more shocking than the events of Ai Mai Mi and more shocking than the endless eight; her sister calls Kinoshita her father. BIGGEST TWIST EVER! Kinoshita is actually the girl’s father! Wait is that even a girl? Its Kinoshita’s son! Twists everywhere!!!

So, after that debacle of an episode, this episode is one of the most WTF moments in history. Kinoshita is a trap… I mean she has giant boobs and a trunk? God, this episode was weird and somewhat dirty. This is what I was talking about in the Ai Mai Mi review, this is so absurd that it’s amazing, magnificent, perfect, 10/10. I can’t fathom the words to describe what’s going on, the trap and trunk, the ultimate twist of her being the kid’s father. I cannot process this much raw, ridiculous information from that episode. It might be in the execution, the idea of messing with people’s minds, or some beyond-human-intellect reason, that this episode was flawless. This episode will be the defining moment of the year. Nothing can beat this, not even if Kyoto Animation announces a new season of Haruhi or the second season of Sword Art Online actually being amazing.

Well, the series was somewhat lackluster but this episode; the third episode of Ishida to Asakura has showed me that this anime is somehow the best thing ever. Better than Ai Mai Mi, better than Shugo Chara Party and better than the plot of Guilty Crown. But things can change, and they probably will in the future. So, I guess I will continue to watch this anime for its crazy antics and trunks…