Mangirl! Episode 3 Review

Mangirl! Episode 1 Review Cover

Title: Mangirl!, まんがーる
Producers: Dogakobo
Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life
Duration: 3 min. per episode

“We’re going to launch a manga magazine!”
A team of girls with zero experience in manga editing are off and running toward their dream of creating the biggest manga magazine in Japan! They seem to do nothing but run into problems and failures… But still they’re working hard every day!




Fansubs watched: Commie

After securing their first manga, the group of girls is ready to put together their first magazine. The girls are getting ready for the magazine’s first model shot. All the members are excited and need to head home for proper sleep, but Tsugumi wants to camp at the HQ prompting Hana to do the same. The next day, everyone expect for Hana is present for the shoot, where they meet their model: Sakuradai Kiiro. Somehow they have managed to secure a model to pose for their magazine, even though they look like little girls. But so does every other woman in this anime. Hana eventually arrives late and forgets her cellphone and business card. During the shots, Hana interferes with them, trying to be helpful but due to her clumsiness she fails epically. Whether it be removing a background prop, shining light or keeping the model warm, she sucks at it. At the end of the day, they all somehow survive and are busy picking and editing the photos. Hana comes up with an idea for nude shots to gain readers, but the idea is rejected, I wonder why. As you can see, nothing really important happens, ever.

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This episode is rather weak, somehow weaker than the previous episodes. There are vain attempts at comedy here, all of which fail like Hana. The episode as a whole is bad and not really entertaining, it’s just borderline average. The events that occur are just plain stupid and how the hell did they even get contact with a model in the first place? A lot of things seemed odd in this episode, especially with the weird reactions and emotions from Tsugumi who was being rather sympathetic. Also, that nude shot joke at the end felt tasteless and plain wrong. The only saving grace, if it can be that, is that all the girls are moe and cut. That’s all, so nothing to see here and move along. I may be too negative on this episode, but it just seems too obvious what the episode was doing and somehow still failing to do so.

With that aside, this anime is going nowhere in progression and seems to be that way in future episodes. Of course, I gave it the benefit of the doubt since it is just a typical moe anime for people who need that little injection every now and again, but for some reason I feel angry about this episode. Anyways, nothing of significance occurs in this episode, other than cementing that Hana is a cute clumsy girl that forgets things and has a fang. Other things that may be important include…the photos…?

To be honest, I’m going to watch all the short anime, well the ones I have already started, and so this won’t be a drop or hold. Despite me finding the moeness and non-existent plot tolerable, this episode for some reasons rubs me the wrong way. Though, it still is that little dose of moe.