Senran Kagura Episode 2 Review

Senran Kagura Episode 1 Review Cover

Title: Senran Kagura, 閃乱カグラ
Producers: Artland, Genco, Media Factory, Marvelous AQL, Senran Kagura Partners
Genres: Action, Ecchi
Duration: 24 min. per episode

TV anime project of Marvelous AQL’s action game series Senran Kagura.




Fansubs watched: Hiryuu

Boobs, boobs, and slimy frogs in boobs. The episode is pretty much fan service and not too much plot progression occurs. The episode focuses on Asuka trying to summon her own familiar, since everyone else can. Other than the main plot point for Asuka to find the right animal, there is some talking between Kiriya and Hanzou (Asuka’s grandfather and legendary ninja) about the puppet attack last week. In Asuka’s hunt, all the other characters have no problem finding their animals and using strong attacks based on them; Ikaruga has a phoenix, Katsuragi has a dragon, Yagyuu has a squid, and Hibari has a giant pink rabbit. For the most of the episode, it is just needless squabble of Asuka and her fear of frogs, since her familiar is suppose to be a frog itself, since her grandfather has a frog as well. In the backdrop of all the commotion, are the talks between the two masters about the puppet attack, and the evil ninjas. After some lewd frog attacks, one of the evil ninjas- the blonde stuck up one- begins her move and strikes Asuka and Ikaruga in the streets.

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The majority of the episode was fanservice affair; with Asuka getting wet multiple times, a shower scene and Ikaruga effectively getting raped by frogs. There is little story progression in this episode, and I really don’t have any other expectations from this ecchi anime but it doesn’t seem to be immensely interesting. I also can’t seem to get into the character designs they all look horribly plastic and somewhat unsettling. I guess the episode also focuses on the characters’ relationships with each other, but I’m just saying that there is nothing else to talk about. Well, Asuka seems to be molested by Katsuragi quite a lot, and for no reason as well. It does also seem odd that Hanzou is a sushi chef, but I guess it fits in the theme with the ecchiness of young girls putting long objects in their mouths.

There really isn’t else much to say, I can’t really get into this anime. Well, at least there’s a lot of ecchi and revealing skin with girls crying in fear as something phallic touches them.