Winter Anime 2013-2014 Chart

Winter Anime 2013/2014 Chart V1.0 [Neregate]

Fall has just started and so have some of the new anime of the season. While new anime just drop like autumn leaves, its always good to look ahead and what we have is Winter. Zana, from Neregate has released the first anime chart for Winter 2013/2014. Version 1.0 is available for viewing but it is rather lacklustre since we are still months away from the next season. Since we are so far away the information presented in the chart, and the number and additions/removals of anime, may not be final and can change as we approach the end of the year. So don’t get too angry when Moe Anime #563 is delayed by 2 days.

For the chart we have and the information we know so far, here are some anime to keep an look out for:

  • Season 2 of Gin no Saj/ Silver Spoon
  • Sakura Trick
  • Nisekoi
  • The special showing of Sword Art Online
  • Space?Dandy

There is also an alternative to the usual seasonly anime charts in the form of a website, Anichart is an interactive anime chart that features multiple seasons of anime and includes other information regarding the anime, such as the cast and crew, with just a click away. The site is updated frequently and is much more versatile than current traditional anime charts.

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Winter Anime 2013-2014 Chart V1.0 [neregate]

Source Image – neregate