Angel Beats! Hell’s Kitchen OVA – Announcement Trailer

Here is the announcement trailer for the recently announced second Angel Beats! OVA titled Hell’s Kitchen. The OVA will be released with the Angel Beats! Blu-ray boxset, which will also contain audio commentary of the voice actors and actresses as their respective characters, as well as a special box drawn by Na-Ga, the original character designer of the series, and a digipack designed by Hirata Yuzo, the anime character designer and animation director of Angel Beats! There will also be interviews and comments about the series, as well as all articles that were published in Dengeki G’s Magazine.

The Hell’s Kitchen OVA of Angel Beats! will be released with the anime’s Blu-ray box set, releasing on June 24 next year for ¥26,800 (~ $268.00 USD) with tax.

Here is the main visual of the anime:


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