Aya Hirano Previews Her Sailor Uniform for Osamu Hayashi’s Imadesyo! Kouza

Japanese voice actress and singer Aya Hirano has just posted on her blog a couple small teaser image of her in a sailor uniform, where she will wear them on Osamu Hayashi’s Imadesyo! Kouza.

Aya Hirano will appear on the Osamu Hayashi’s Imadesyo! Kouza show on August 5th, where she will have to pretend to be in class. She remarks on how she isn’t dressed like Haruhi (from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), but an Orthodox person since the skirt is very long.

Osamu Hayashi’s Imadesyo! Kouza will be a 2 hours special that will premiere on Asahi TV on August 5. It features Osamu Hayashi, one of Japan’s most popular cram school teacher as he hosts a game show testing the contestants’ knowledge on various subjects.

Source Article and Images – Aya Hirano’s Blog