Famitsu Magazine Teasing “Surprising” Lightning News

A recent Tweet from the Katsuhiko Hayashi of Weekly Famitsu has teased an image and information regarding the Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning. Hayashi, the Editor in Chief of the magazine, states that the image of Lightning is not from a new game and that there will be surprises.


Hayashi states that the information will be revealed in next week’s issue of Weekly Magazine. The issue itself will be related to E3 2014 and will release on the 12th.

Lightning is the main protagonist in the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy. The first title in the trilogy was Final Fantasy XIII, which was the next major main instalment in Square Enix’s popular JRPG series, that released in 2010. The game was followed up by the sequel Final Fantasy XIII-2 in 2012 and finally Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that released earlier this year. The games are all set in the same universe and follow the same set of characters, with Lightning being a central and playable character in all three.

There is much speculation on what the upcoming news is. It could be DLC for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a spin-off game or a cameo appearance in an upcoming title. The new will be revealed in next week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu that will release on the 12th.

Source Article and Image – Dualshockers
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