Final Fantasy Type-0 Could Be Localised

Final Fantasy Type-0 Could Be Localised

This past generation hasn’t been too nice for developer and publisher giant Square Enix. The prolonged delay of Final Fantasy XIII: Versus (now titled Final Fantasy XV), the fan reception of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, and the release and re-release of Final Fantasy XIV had all been somewhat troubling for the company. Whilst Final Fantasy Type-0 itself had no major issues post launch, the 2011 PlayStation Portable title has yet shipped out of Japan. But over two years later, after the game’s initial release there has finally been talks about a localisation of the portable JRPG.

In an interview with Square Enix’s Hajime Tabata at the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, Tabata (the director of Type-0) has expressed his thoughts about an international release for the game. In that interview he states that the game will definitely be localised. Tabata also reveals that the game itself has already went through the localisation process but Square Enix ultimately ended the project after projecting what the sales would be.

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The full interview of Hajime Tabata is as follows:

“When Type 0 initially came out in Japan, we were already working on a localized version for the game. The work did actually start. It exists, to a degree. But at the time, when that work was progressing, the market for PSP in North America and Europe had very much gotten smaller. The projections we got from our overseas subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S. had also shrunk, together with the market.”

“But we were very conscious — I was very conscious — that despite the fact that we weren’t able to provide the title at the time, there were many people who wanted to play it. I heard all the voices calling for it. An idea we had at the time was that, well, if the PSP market is shrinking, then maybe its successor, the PS Vita, was something we could consider for the title. At the time of this proposal, though, when we were talking about a Vita version, the number of Vita units in North America and Europe and what their expectations were, all that was very unclear. This was before it was launched, or right as it was being launched. These kinds of things were unclear, and the company was uncomfortable with going forward on the project without knowing more information about what the expectations were. Our final decision on that was to wait a bit and see what would happen.”

“Now, with Agito coming up, our hope – my hope – is that we’ll be able to provide users in North America and Europe with both Agito and Type 0 as a full experience. That would be ideal, if we could provide both for the users. That’s the direction we’re going in right now. With Agito coming out, we can provide that full experience.”

This interview is after the 2013 Tokyo Game Show, where Square Enix revealed Final Fantasy Agito for mobile. It is kind of confusing since the working title for Final Fantasy Type-0 was Agito, when the game was being developed for mobile. The development shifted to the PlayStation Portable and the name was changed. But the mobile game was not abandoned and thus it was revealed again at the 2013 TGS.

Here is the announcement trailer for Final Fantasy Agito, which will be out for IOS and Android in Japan:

Hajime Tabata still wants to localise Final Fantasy Type-0 along with the newly announced Final Fantasy Agito. Type-0 itself may have some concerns and problems with localisation, since the Playstation Portable market in the west is miniscule and the system’s successor, the PlayStation Vita is already out. Then again, the Vita doesn’t have strong sales so far.Whether or not Tabata wants the game localised, the final word is from the higher ups of Square Enix. If there is a localisation, then Square would release an official statement. When that happens, we can all celebrate.
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