Infinite Stratos 2 – World Purge-hen – Promotional Video 3

The third promotional video for the upcoming Infinite Stratos season 2 OVA, World Purge-hen has just released. The video presents us snippets of the upcoming OVA as well as a small sample of the Opening theme song, True Blue Traveler by Minami Kuribayashi. The OVA itself will be a long 50 minute episode that will be adapting a fan service World Purge Arc from the 8th volume of Izuru Yumizuru and Okiura/CHOCO’s light novel series. It will be produced once again by 8-Bit (Tokyo Ravens, Yama no Susume) and directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi (Macross Frontier, Busou Shinki).

The Infinite Stratos 2 – World Purge-hen OVA will be released in Japan on November 26 on Blu-ray for ¥7,884 (~ $78.84 USD) and on DVD for ¥6,804 (~ $68.04 USD).

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