Summer Anime 2014 Chart V1.0 [Neregate]

Is it that time of the season already? We are a few weeks in already and most people have made up their mind on what series to watch this season. But enough of that stuff, it’s getting hot. Before you are overwhelmed and unprepared for the heat, Zana from Neregate has created version 1.0 of the Summer 2014 Anime chart to make sure you keep nice and cool. Do note, since it is so early in the year, that the chart is not final. Bits and pieces of information are subject to change as we approach Summer, including which anime will be in the chart, their dates and general plot synopsis.

As for the anime series for Summer:

  • The upcoming original mecha anime from Gen Urobuchi – Aldnoah Zero
  • The anime adaptation of the popular mobile game Kantai Collection
  • Zankyou no Terror, a new anime from Shinichiro Watanabe, the director of Cowboy Bebop
  • The super highly anticipated second season of Ai Mai Mi (I think its anticipated)
  • The best magical girl anime is back, for real this time, Sailor Moon Crystal
  • and of course Sword Art Online II

As per usual, there is also an alternative to the usual seasonally anime charts in the form of a website:

Click the image for the full resolution

Source Image – Neregate