Free! Eternal Summer – Special Episode Promotional Video

Kyoto Animation has revealed the promotional video for the upcoming special episode of Free! Eternal Summer, the second season anime adaptation of Kouji Ohji and Futoshi Nishiya’s High☆Speed! light novel, which will be bundled with the 7th volume of the anime’s Blu-ray and DVD release. The episode itself will be titled Free!-Eternal Summer- Extra Fr. The Blu-ray and DVD volume will also contain: the final episode of the anime, a special disc sleeve, the 7th volume of the web radio Samezuka Channel, volume 7 of the special book that contains illustrations, interviews and audio commentary of the episode, all the commercials for the Blu-rays and DVDs, and a video thanking all the fans of the series.

The 7th Blu-ray and DVD volume of Free! Eternal Summer, containing the extra episode, will be releasing in Japan on March 18. The BD will cost ¥7,000 (~ $59.00 USD) with the DVD costing ¥6,000 (~ $50.00 USD), both prices do not include tax.

Here is the anime’s main visual:


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