Nisekoi Best Songs – Commercials

The first set of commercials have been revealed for Nisekoi Best Songs, a collection of the most popular songs from the adaptation of Naoshi Komi’s manga. The collection will have 8 of the anime’s most popular songs, which includes: Heart Pattern (ED 1) by Nao Touyama, Recover Decoration (ED 2) by Kana Hanazawa, Trick Box (ED 3) by Mikako Komatsu, Hanagonomi (ED 5) by Kana Asumi, Order x Order (ED 4) by Yumi Uchiyama, Taisetsu no Tsukurikata (ED 7) by Nao Touyama and Kana Hanazawa, Souzou Diary (ED 5) by the main cast, and Honmei Answer by Nao Touyama and Kana Hanazawa. The collection will come with a CD of all the songs, a special disc case designed by the anime’s character designer Nobuhiro Sugiyama, a 32 page booklet, and a bonus disc contain textless versions of the anime’s EDs.

Nisekoi Best Songs will be releasing in Japan on April 8th and will cost ¥4,320 (~ $36.50 USD). You can order it here:

Commercial 1:

Commercial 2:

Here is the visual for the release:


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