Fall/Autumn 2016 Anime Chart 1.0 [neregate]

The current Summer season is about halfway through and it has been a hot one with all the great anime airing. Before all of us get burned out from all the spicy new anime, the Fall/Autumn 2016 anime season is fast approaching, which will see the bulk of new anime starting in October. Are you prepared? If not, then Zana over at neregate has produced the first version of the Fall/Autumn 2016 anime chart. It contains lots of useful information about what is airing next season and when. However, since we are still a little ways off some information is not final and missing.

Some anime shows to keep track of:

  • Hibike! Euphonium Season 2 – will they or won’t they
  • Sangatsu no Lion – animated by Shaft no less
  • Natsume Yuujinchou GO – it has been quite a long time for fans
  • Keijo!!!!!!!! – take a look at the PV
Click on the image for the full resolution:


Source Article - Neregate