first sex pillow

The First Sex Pillow

Most of you should have heard of the dakimakura, a full body pillow with the cover of your favourite anime character. They are usually in some lewd position with some revealing clothes or have some sexual facial expression, but nonetheless the dakimakura is actually quite popular. In fact, some otakus form a relationship with these pillows, being called 2D Lovers and given affection to the pillow and associated character on it, but you can’t get anywhere near third base.

Well, now its time to give some more ‘physical’ affection as G Project, a Japanese adult product maker, has created the first pillow that you can have sex with.

first sex pillow pic

It is called the Kuu Pillow that combines the pillow cover and an artificial well….Vagina… The cover slips on top while the artificial nonsense fits into the slot. And there you go, you’re ready for some time with your waifu.
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If you’re worried about getting rashes, blisters and other horrible things that make me cringe, G Products have claimed that the material of the pillow is a smooth, silk-like texture that is pleasing to the touch, unlike that sticky plastic feeling of inflatable blow-up. It is also made from a more durable type of plastic, so people who play ‘rough’ can still enjoy it for some time. But wait, theres more! There is even a bak entrance for those who are into those things, or don’t want to get their waifu pregnant.So, if any of you people want to order a Kuu Pillow it will set you back 2100 yen ($25 USD). You can order from the official site, from Amazon and if you want to buy the pillow cover get it here.

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Note: You people make me sick…

The original story, images and weirdness are from this article.