Kyochuu Rettou Anime Movie Visual Revealed

The official website for the upcoming crowdfunded anime film adaptation of Yasutaka Fujimi and REDICE’s Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) has revealed the first key visual. The movie is set to premiere in Japanese theatres on January 10th.


The Kyochuu Rettou film adaptation was announced at the premiere of the OVA adaptation, at Crunchyroll Expo. The staff of the anime ran a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire to help with the film’s funding, asking for  ¥2,400,000 (~ US$22,090). The campaign raised 143% of its goal, earning a total of ¥3,439,820 (~ US$31, 670) after 1 month.

A total of 86 people funded the film, with 9 people receiving the highest rewards – at ¥108,000 (~ US995.00) where the main cast members will personally welcome the backers and say their name in character.

The main cast from the recent OVA adaptation will reprise their roles for the film:

  • Mao Ichimichi (Kazumi Schlierenzauer from Gokukoku no Brynhildr) voicing as Mutsumi Oribe



  • Rika Tachibana (Reiko Airisugawa from Syomin Sample) as Chitose-Naruse



  • Misato Fukuen (Hikage Miyauchi in Non Non Biyori) returning to voice Ayumi Matsuoka



  • Momo Asakura (Ayumi Otosaka in Charlotte) voicing the role of Mami Miura





  • Yurika Kubo (Hanayo Koizumi from Love Live! School Idol Project) as Ai Inou


Here is the film’s first trailer:

Promotional Video 1:

PV 2:

The production staff for the anime includes:

Kyochuu Rettou (The Island of Giant Insects) is a horror manga written by Yasutaka Fujimi and illustrated by REDICE. The series ran from late 2014 until early 2019 for a total of 6 volumes. The series was published by Akita Shoten in their monthly Champion Cross magazine. The series received an OVA adaptation in mid-2019, directed by Takeo Takahashi (Citrus, Spice and Wolf) and produced by Passione (Rail Wars!, Rokka no Yuusha). The OVA premiered on June 20, where it also announced an anime film adaptation with a crowdfunding campaign.

Here is the MAL synopsis:

After an airplane crash during a school trip, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates were stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Mutsumi found the other survivors, and used her wilderness knowledge to help them. She expects that they will be rescued in about three days, which doesn’t seem so long to endure. However, she didn’t account for the fact that the island is populated with gigantic killer insects. Her knowledge of butterflies, wasps, and more may be the only thing that will help any of her classmates survive to be rescued!

The anime film adaptation of Kyochuu Rettou is currently in production and is set to release in Japanese theatres on January 10, 2020.

Visit the anime’s website here:
And follow their Twitter: @KyochuRetto