Winter 2020/2021 Anime Chart [AniChart]

It’s already December, after a very eventful year that many people would rather forget. Whilst the year started off a little shakey it began to spiral out of control. However, the final moments and the start of the new year is going to lift everyone’s spirit up. The upcoming Winter 2020/2021 anime season, is looking to be the sendoff the year needed with many hard-hitting sequels. Live anime chart website AniChart is kept up to date with the latest information regarding anime broadcasts and has the latest snapshot for the season.

Some key anime to look out for:

  • Dr. Stone: Stone Wars – The second season of the scientist Senku revitalising civilisation
  • Hataraku Saiboou: Black (Cells at Work: Black) – There’s no holding back this time, we’re in an unhealthy body
  • Urasekai Picnic – Two girls traveling and exploring a dangerous and perilous world
  • Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin): The Final Season – ’nuff said

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Source Image - AniChart

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